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About Muslim Tales

Dive into a beautifully handcrafted stage play which tells the "Best of all Stories" - the Tales of the Prophets of Allah - in an easily understandable, visually impressive and interactive way.

Tale of Prophet Musa

The Best of All Stories!

Our "Muslim Tales" Series was created to the best of our Islamic belief and knowledge and according to the Holy Quran and authentic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad.

We relate unto you the Best of All Stories
through our revelations of this Quran.

Quran 12:3

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Key Features

  • Beautifully handcrafted characters and scenes
  • Child-friendly and engaging narration
  • Be part of the story by performing simple tasks
  • Based solely on teachings of the Holy Quran and authentic Hadith (Prophetic tradition)
  • Fully narrated by professional voice actors!
  • Instantly switch between 7 languages from within the app
  • Available for iOS & Android devices (and soon more)
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Our beloved Prophet Musa - peace be upon him - is one of the most mentioned Prophets in the Holy Quran. The first interactive story of the Muslim Tales series is dedicated to this exceptional man, who was described by Allah - the most Merciful - to be endowed with determination and perseverance.

Tale of Prophet Musa Tale of Prophet Yusuf More Tales Coming Soon!


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